Sunday, July 31, 2016

Art work

Most of the family got some art work today while we were at Belmont Park in San Diego. It's just Henna, but the kids and Megan spent some time making their choices.

Megan got hers on the ankle (a good choice apparently, as each of the kids touched their tattoos before they'd fully dried...but without serious damage), while Sam got his on the outside of his arm. Mikayla and Izzy got theirs on the inside of their forearms. All look pretty good.

Our trip, by the numbers (so far)

It only took a week to get the blog set up on my (Justin's) phone so far. Ok, technically 8 days. In that time we've driven 3200 miles, give or take a few. When pulling the trailer, we average about 6.5-7.1 miles to the gallon. I really, really try not to think about how much gas we will use when it's all said and done....but I take comfort that gas is at least $1 a gallon cheaper then the last big trip 3 years ago.

We have seen 49 of the 50 state license plates (and Montana, we *shall* find thee), plus DC, 3 Canadian provinces (Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario), and a Mexican plate (at least so we think). We were stuck on 47 for a while, but saw both Hawaii and Delaware within 3 blocks of each other on Grand Ave in San Diego...go figure. We've also seen 2 native American plates...didn't know they issued their own!

More in a bit...

me and the waves

Me,Isabelle and Mikayla were jumping huge waves at pacific beach in San Diego. The water was a little cold but once u get there it is nice. Only the kids went in a lot of the time but some times the parents would.

By Sam 


Grand Canyon (aka the Big Hole in the ground)

Spent the day at Grans Canyon.  Thanks to Sam's fourth grade pass, all the parks are free for us! (  They made a big deal at the park entrance and told Sam he was the most important person in the park! We took in the intoductory movie and then did the 2.1 mile walk around part of the South rim.  So gorgeous.

We had lunch in the more than 100-year old hotel, and Sam got his junior ranger badge (and was upset it was plastic not metal!) 
 We even saw some wildlife before heading to the desert-view watchtower.

The views from the watch-tower were amazing!

There are also great vistas on the way back from that drive.

Of course the sunset is not to be missed.

 We did go back in the evening to see the enormous expanse of stars!  Tomorrow.. To Phoneix!







This nation is not flat!

So maybe in the middle (Kansas, Nebraska) but the rest is NOT!  OK to NM was fine, but another long day.  We made a quick stop at an RV repair place to get a new battery, as the fridge was not running while we were driving.  Really nice place, they had a 5-cent Coke machine that really worked (and they even gave you the 5-cents!), and a nice AC-d lounge to wait in.  About 90 minutes and back on the road.

On the way through Texas we made a gas stop at a town that has the art-deco Conico sign from the movie cars!  It's asp part of old Rte 66! We had to stop in and get some photos.

What luck for a random stop!  We finally got to Albuquerque and spent the night, ready to leave the next morning for Grand Canyon!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Truckin' Along

We made it to New Mexico yesterday. Another glorious day on I-40!  Highlights:

*giant soda cup at Aonic outside OKC 
*5-cent soda bottle machine at great RV repay placed where we stopped to get a new battery for the trailer
*seeing parts of old Rte 66 and coming across the art-deco Conico building used in Pixar's Cars movie.

Landed in Albuquerque, and now onto Grand Canyon!


Sunday, July 24, 2016


We spent the entire day today on I-40.  It is not an exciting road.  And who knew that neither Arkansas or Oklahoma are flat? What happened to the plain and waving wheat?  We did see some wheat, but there were hills and such all around it. We have to stop for gas every 2 1/2 -3 hours.  

Coolest thing we saw was that in Oklahoma they apparently let each of the Native American nations issue their own license plates.  We saw Cherokee and Choctaw.  
No animal sighting today except for cows.  The nice people of OK dig little ponds for their cows and the cows wade in and get all comfy with the ducks.  Wish I got a picture...

Kids promise to start writing once there is  something interesting to say.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

driving day #1 down!

We made it to Nashville. Plan to be here 12 hours and won't see a blessed thing.  Highlights of the day:

BFG on Audible
Bear sighting (roadkill in VA 😥)
38 state license plates already!

on the road again!

We are beginning out second big trip- this time cross-country!!  We are hoping to get to Grand Canyon in 3 1/2 days via Nashville, Oklahoma City and Albuquerque.  With probably 30 DVD, 7 audio books and some games, hopefully we will survive the first 3 days!