Friday, August 12, 2016

Star gazing

In Yosemite we did star gazing. The person running it told us stories about the constellations. I learned that the Big Dipper is actually an astralism not a constellation. But we heard stories of the eagle and the swan. We also heard about a bear Ursa Major. It was really cool and fun.  


roller coaster of San Francisco

So yesterday we traveled on a cable car. It looks like a trolley but is powered differently. Traveling through San Francisco is like going on a very slow roller coaster. There are a bazillion hills. When walking over to get on a cable car we saw a Ghirardelli store.

 So, of course we had to stop and get some chocolate. Once, we finished our Ghirardelli shakes we got in the very long line to get on a cable car. Finally, we eventually got on the cable car and took it to the cable car museum. 

(this picture is of us on the cable car) 
After we went through the cable car museum we tried to get on a cable car again. We didn't succeed. The first car that came by didn't let us on. The was having so issues stopping the car and just drove on without saying a word. The next to cars were full. But, when stuck without travel in San Fracisco call an uber. So, we did. We took an uber back to were we started at Pier 39. We then went to find some lunch. We saw a Rain Forest Cafe and got so excited to go there but, the wait was too long. So, we crossed the street and got sandwiches at Boudin. It you don't know what Boudin is it is a place that has the best sour dough bread in the world. It was very yummy. We quickly ate lunch because we had to get over to a boat that would take us on the Alcatraz tour. 

We met up with some of my mom's friends on the boat. After, the boat tour we went to an arcade. But, this was not just any arcade this was a very old arcade. It was called Musée Mécanique.

After playing lots of games in the arcade we tried to go to the Palace of the Arts. It took us a very long time to get there. But, we found he right bus and got to the Palace. 

When we finished at the Palace of the Arts, we could not get a bus back to Pier 39. So, we called another uber to take us back to Pier 39. Once we got back we tried to go to the Rain Forest Cafe again. The wait was 45 minutes and our parking for our car expired in 1 hour. So, we couldn't go to the Rain Forest Cafe again. We then walked around the corner to find a Jonney Rocket which is where we ate dinner. Then, we got back to our car and went back to the campground.

- Mikayla


California - the first part

San Diego (July 29-August 1) - if Megan and I were ever to move to California (not likely, certainly not any time soon), we would likely move to San Diego. The climate seems perfect... mostly sunny, warm without being too hot, some hills, some beaches...lovely all around.

There's baseball, so we could get our sports fix...although, I'm not sure I see myself ever converting to the Padres. And there's some cheap amusement at Belmont Park. It was a lovely city to visit for a couple 3 days and felt like the first place we really started to relax on our mad dash West. 😀

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Disneyland on my Birthday

Today we went to Disneyland for my birth day my favorite ride was California screaming and I liked when I met kilo Ren.
We went to both California Adventure and Disneyland on the same day. I also loved the cars ride it was really fun. 
the cars ride we did a race and our car won I was the driver. I really liked the ride  
where we we're on a Ferris wheel but we we're going side to side sliding it was really fun.




Monday, August 1, 2016

San Diego

Yesterday we went to Mission beach and Belmont park. It was really fun. At the beach we played in the waves for a while. Then we went to the park. (Amusement park to be exact). They we really fun rides like one ride where you sat in a car and you had a lever and you could control weather we got to flip forward or backward. It was SUPER fun. There was also a roller coaster. It was fun. There was something called Krazy Cars. It was where you could go in all directions and you had two levers on the side of your car and you could steer it that way. They had a tilt-a-whirl too. We went bike riding that day too and it was really pretty. We got henna tattoos and they're really pretty. I loved that day. 


Today we drove from San Diego, California to Phoenix, Arizona. If, you want to know what that is like take your car and drive on a roller coaster. There were many narrow, twisted road. We also went through the rocky mountains. No I don't mean The Rocky Mountains. I mean these are a bunch of mountains we passed with rocks all over them. Like giant bolders just sitting on mountains waiting to roll down and crush our car. Plus, we passed what my mom will tell you was the scariest things on the trip. It was a bunch of windmill farms. My mom is terrified of windmills. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Art work

Most of the family got some art work today while we were at Belmont Park in San Diego. It's just Henna, but the kids and Megan spent some time making their choices.

Megan got hers on the ankle (a good choice apparently, as each of the kids touched their tattoos before they'd fully dried...but without serious damage), while Sam got his on the outside of his arm. Mikayla and Izzy got theirs on the inside of their forearms. All look pretty good.