Friday, August 30, 2013

Sam's Musings #5

We went to Michigan, to Silver Lake.  We all climbed up to the top of the dunes.  We saw an awesome sunset.  It was really beautiful.  Then we ran down.

The next  day we went sand duning.  We were in a big jeep-like car going up lots if sand dines.  It was really fun and really bumpy.  It even went down to the beach of lake Michigan and into the water!

The next day we rented a boat that was pulling a tube.  Me and mommy went first.  The string was close to the boat.  It was really fun and we all took turns.  

That night I got sick and went to the hospital. (Added by mom- he's ok now) To be continued.. Please leave comments. 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jelly Beans!!

On the drive between Milwaukee and Chicago we stopped at the Jelly Belly visitor's center.  It's not an actual factory, but a major supply/shipping location.  They do give you a little tour with videos of the production process.  Did you know jelly beans have a candy costing?  I thought it was just all the same stuff, that just hardened on the outside! 

The also had these amazing art works made all out of jelly beans!  

But if course, the best part was the tasting bar!  You could try all the flavors!  We had a great time trying all different kinds!  We came home with lots more to sample.  

I highly recommend this quick stop!

Windy City

Had a fantastic time in Chicago!  We left the RV in the truck marshalling yard behind McCormick Place (convention center), and stated in a hotel.  The first night we just swam in the pool and walked around Michigan Avenue and found dinner.

Thursday morning we walked to Navy Pier and caught the Water Taxi to the Field Museum.  We had planned to go to the aquarium, but the lines were awful!  We took pictures with Sue, the residing t-Rex and enjoyed a number of exhibits.  

Then we headed for the matinee Cubs game!

It was raining when we arrived, so we walked around and enjoyed several helping if south side tater tots!  The game started 2 hours late, but we loved watching the Cubs vs Nats!  

We left the game early and took the L back downtown.  We bought tickets for the river architecture tour.  
(Can't figure out how to turn this pic).  Mikayla enjoyed learning about the buildings (me too!).  It was actually very informative and interesting!

Next we headed to Navy Pier.  

The kids did another maze (not as fun as the mirror maze), but it had a fun game st the end called Time Freak.  I'm sure they will tell you more!

Then we rode the giant Ferris wheel, and had some ice cream.  A great finish to a busy day!

The next morning we woke up early to get to the She'd Aquarium before the long lines.  It was a definite hit!  We pet stingrays, saw the dolphin/beluga whale show, and saw lots of fish!

It is really a fantastic aquarium!  We spent several hours!

It so happened that my original boss at work was retiring from the Chicago office after 41 years, so we all stopped by the party!  Justin and the kids left to hit the pool, and I stayed to talk to some colleagues.

I got some Garrett's popcorn on the way back to the hotel, which we munched before heading out to the White Sox game.  It was Elvis night,  so it was fun seeing all the costumes!
Same even got a haircut at the ballpark!

That was our Chicago adventure!  Definitely need to go back for more fun!


Monday, August 26, 2013


Yesterday went on a dune buggie. The top was open and it sat 25 people. It was so bumby and windy. Plus every once in a while the sand hit our faces. We saw the lake and a pair of pants in the ground. They were upside down. It felt like a sand roller coaster. 

Then we went to a light house. We also climbed some dunes there. We didn't go up the light house though. We played in the sand and cold water. There were some people who were water skiing. It looked fun. Some people who were skiing kept going in the air. 

When we got back to the RV we went in the pool. It was cold when you got in but you got used to it. 

Later we watch avatar. And we started Happily Never After. We had smores. 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's all Nick

Some day last week we went to nickelodeon universe. It was an amusement park. There was a ride like crazy mouse from Iowa. Although it spun more. That was my favorite ride.

My favorite contraption though was
 a ropes course. All of us went on it but mom and I went twice. It was great and cheep. It was 6$ per person. You could never fall though or get unhooked. It was an amazing experience. 

There was also a Hugo Lego store. They had giant Lego sculptures on the roof and dragon on the side.

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Cheesy Beer Mustache

Bad Corn

There other day we went to the bad lands. It was so unbelievable. The rocks were yellow, pink, orange, and gray. It was like you were on Mars and Venus and The moon all in one. Mom said that it looks like the Grand Canon.

We also saw some animals on the side of the mountain. As well there were some grass lands. At some angles it looked as if there is no drop off and it is just grass land. So if some animal was running from that angle they would go; Run, run, run, weeeeeeeeee, thud. Ouch. It would be scary living out there. 

Then we went to the corn palace were there was a baby Jesus made out of corn. There were only a few portraits made of corn though.  

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A few days ago we went to bear country. At first there were two attic wolves but you could hardly see them.
After we saw some rain deer. 

Then we saw a lot of big horned sheep, there was a baby one that kept on going over to the bucket of water. 

After them we saw rain deer. Except they were not flying. There were a lot in the shade and a few on there own. 

After we saw some mountain goat. They were really big and loved kinda like the bell ringer from the hunch back of Norte dame if you've seen that movie. 

Then finally we saw some bears. We were driving around in Bear Country with out seeing bears till now. All though there was only one. 

Then we saw a mountain lion. Still not a bear. At that point I was starting to wonder why they called it bear country instead of Zoo Drive Through. 

Then finally a big truck came by and started throwing food of the back of there truck (they work there). Then tons and tons of bears came out they were surrounding the car. It was kind of scary. 

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Got cheese? I do

In Wisconsin we went to a cheese factory. It was just our family on the tour. A guy explained how you make cheese to us! There was also an ice cream company that worked with the cheese factory and they wanted the tour to talk about them. When he was done we got free ice cream samples. 

Than we were going out but on the wall on the way out had a poster of 36 kinds of cheese! 36 can you believe it! I didn't even know there were 36 kinds of cheese. I made up a song about. It goes like this"🎶36 kinds of cheese on the wall. 36 kinds of cheese take one down pass it to me. So I can eat all the cheese on the wall!😊 35 kinds of cheese on the wall... And so on. (Sing to the tune of 36 buckets of slime on the wall.) 

After that we drove to cheese store with a bar in it. I got a cheese head hat! We also tried some cheese like I got to try 5 year old cheddar cheese. It was so yummy. We got a cheese plate. Witch is a plate that you can try different kinds of cheese on. We tried fuge cheese. It was a slice of fuge with nuts and cheese bits in it. We got a few kinds of cheese and left. I loved all the cheese it was yummy and I loved Wisconsin. 

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The other day we went to Mount Rush More. It was raining when we were there. It was amazing even though it was raining. I did realize that teddy did not have glasses. 

After we went on an alpine slide. It is a concrete slide while you are sitting on a little cart. The cart has wheels and a break. It's kinda like at wisp the coaster except there's no track. It was so fun. 

Ps: if any one wanted to know I've taken 1333 pic and 10 videos. 

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