Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Colorado Rockies

Our trip to Colorado has been amazing!  We were hosted by our dear friends Joe and Tess, and had a great time from their homebase in Denver. 

We went with them to a Colorado Tickies game.  Although there was a rain delay, we still enjoyed the pretty park in the heart of downtown. And the Rockies beat the Pirates!

We visited the Denver Science museum and saw cool Dinosaur puppets and bones; a great exhibit on space, a real mummy, and did a scavenger hunt in the animals section.

We got to see Tess perform in a beautiful string trio in a historic home.  We sampled nano-brews from the very local pub!

Yesterday we spent in Estes Park.  Justin's grandparents used to spend a few weeks each summer in their fifth shell up here, so we stopped into a few old haunts.  Tiny Town is still there and thriving.  We played mini golf and marveled at the numerous hummingbirds!    

We took a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park and experienced 80 degrees and sunny, raining, and snow-like hail all within 30 minutes!  It was breath-taking and we had a great drive in the park.  

We finished the day with the aerial tram up Prospect Mountain with the requisite feeding of the chipmunks!

Today we are off to South Dakota.


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