Sunday, August 4, 2013

Travel Trivia and Ice Cream

Turns out Louisville, KY is about 500 miles from Arlington, VA...mostly uphill. We averaged a depressing 6 miles a gallon through West Virginia. I guess towing about 5 tons will do that to a pickup truck.

We're also playing the license plate game (you know, try to spot a license plate from each state & DC) on our trip. Figure we're traveling over so much of the country, we have a good shot at seeing a bunch, right? We had 31 before we left VA...38 by the time we left WV, and have 42 down as of Day 2. Turns out I-81 & I-64 are great places to see folks from all over...even Alaska (gone in the first 10). Hawaii's still on the list to get, along with Louisiana, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wisconsin. (We're keeping an eye out for Guam, Puerto Rico, US VI, and American Samoa for the bonus round.)

Tom Johnson wins the first shout-out for cool recommendation proven true. The Comfy Cow had some great ice cream! Megan and Sam enjoyed Banana Puddin', Isabelle had Chocolate Brownie Batter, Mikayla had Vanilla (expect that to be repeated often), and I had Black Raspberry Chip & Chocolate Chip (off the ole block). When you have nothing going on, it's certainly worth telling a friend, "Get in the car, we're going for ice cream." Thanks Tom!

Next up: St. Louis...

By: Justin

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