Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Natural Science Recital

     The other day we went to the Natural Science Mesuem. It was really cool. There was a guy outside who was dressed in a Brown T- Rex costume. He said he made it himself and that he'd made 3 in total. One that was a white pterodactyl and one that was a black T-Rex. The museum was free that day for community outreach.  We went up to the second floor and went into the wildlife exhibits to do a scavenger hunt.  Once you finished it you got a lunchbox/core.  In the wildlife exhibits there were lits if interesting animals like elk, mule deer and bison. They were stuffed and behind glass.  

When we were done with that we went onto the space exhibit.  We saw a guy doing experiments showing how cold weather on different planets affects different materials.  This was to show how hard it was to make equipment to go into outer space.  Then we found a spinning circle thing that was a map of the world and you could spin it to focus in on an area, and we found our house.  But the picture was taken a few years ago when our neighbor was building an addition.  Then we went to a little platform where there was sand from Mars and a water exhibit where you made trails like on Mars.  Then you washed your hands.

The natural science museum was super-cool.

Later, we went to Tess's recital.  She plays the viola and she played with friends who play the violin, cello and piano.  Tess played on 3 of the 4 pieces they performed.  She was in one piece with everybody, and two with the cello and violin.  There was a very long song with several movements with everyone.  Tess did really well, and you could really hear the difference between the violin and the viola.  After the performance there were refreshments.  Then we left.


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  1. Tess played at the Museum? Awesome. Looks like lots of fun!