Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Great Race

Today we went to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum.  There was one thing where there were 3 mechanical horses and you could race on them against your friends or family members.  There was a crop you could use to speed up your horse, and you could move left or right.  I won twice, maybe three times.  

There was also fake horse in the starting gate. You could dress up like a jockey and get on it.  

Another thing I learned was that at the Derby people wear fancy hats.  I saw a whole bunch of them.  There were 4pink ones- woo hoo!  I tried one on in the gift shop.  It was $80, so I didn't get it. It looked good, though!

There was also a movie we saw called the great race.  It was about horses and how they race.  

By Isabelle

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