Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sam's musing #3

Yesterday we went to the city museum and I went on a bus that was hanging of the edge of the roof. Us kids went on a big red slide, also went on another big slide. I went into a big whale and under it.  

Under the whale I saw a bunch of passages-  like 5 or so.  It was cool.

We went under a giant praying mantis.  And we climbed into these awesome spinny chairs.  

To be continued...
By Sam

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  1. Climbing around and going down a huge slide?
    I could literally spend a whole day at this place. I wouldn't even care what else was planned, if anyone wanted to leave I would make them climb after me. Awesome.

  2. I would like a spinny chair for my birthday.. you know, which was yesterday! :)