Wednesday, August 7, 2013

City museum

Yesterday we went to the city museum. After we went to the top to get to the bottom we went on a ten story slide. It was awesome. Then when we got of at the bottom we got lost. There were so many little holes and paths. Sammy and Isabelle kept thinking the exit was a tiny whole but obviously it wouldn't be so small that only kids could fit. Especially because once you got to the top the only way to get down was the slide or stairs. Dad took the stairs and the rest of us took the slide. Finally we found the entrance. It happened to be at the spot we began. It was annoying. After we got out mom was like we are never going to find dad. Later us kids were playing in the other areas were there were tunnels and secret passages it was a blast. We met up with some people the day before and went they were there from 10:00 to 4:00 and now we know why. At the city museum there were really cool chairs.
By Mikayla Booth

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  1. My comments keep disappearing! or else I'm not typing the secret code directly (the thing that proves I'm not a robot)! I wanted to know if you ever found your dad in the city museum or if you just left him there and moved on. But, I see now that he is in other pictures in other cities, so I guess you found him... :)