Friday, August 9, 2013

Iowa's awesome

When we went to the Iowa state fair there were a lot of animal barn's. There were cows,pigs,horses and sheepys! The 
sheepys were so awesome. But a lot had there wool shaved off. If they had no wool they would have an awesome coat on. The coats had really cool design on them. When we saw the pigs a pig show was going on it was so cool. But when me and Sam tried to close a gate that was open so the pigs couldn't get out. Sam slammed the gate on my fingers shut. It hurt so much😭! 

We went to cows first and it really stunck in there. All the cows were really smelly. There weren't very many of then. Last but not least we saw a few horses.  There weren't very many of them eather. A lot of them were gone to. 

   Went to the rides we got a rist band that last utill 5:00. Instead of getting tickets that would only let us go on a few rides. We went on a tilt a whirl and a double Ferris wheel. That was like a Ferris wheel connected to a nother Ferris wheel. We went on a ride called a scramble and it was so fun.  

It was awesome. Me and Mikayla went on a giant drop down. It was a bigger version of the drop down I went on with Sam. The Iowa state fair was one my favorite things and I really in joyed it. 
                                     By Isabelle 
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  1. I'm glad you are enjoying our adventure so far Isabelle!

  2. I'm a big fan of cows - they remind of back home (in Wisconsin where you'll be soon). Next time you'll have to milk the cows yourself!