Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quick trip to KC

Our stay in Kansas City was quick.  After arriving we headed dr downtown.  Unfortunately the Hallmark Factory closed as we arrived.  :(. We drive around  downtown for a but before heading into kansas to go to Fritz's Railroad restaurant.  It was a BIG hit.  You order you food by a phone at the table.  A model train riding overhead drops your good in a basket and a conveyor lowers it to the table. Very cool!  The food was good too - greasy burgers and shakes.  Mine had BBQ sauce and hash browns on top!

Then we headed to the "K" for the Royals vs the Twins.  What a gorgeous stadium! I was very impressed.  Big fountains, huge screen, and full kids area including a carousel and mini-golf!  It was a great game with the Royals winning 5-2.  

Today, it's off to Iowa!


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  1. Bummer about the Hallmark store :( Even I was looking forward to hearing about it!