Thursday, August 8, 2013

Iowa Blogging

After driving for 3 1/2 hours we arrived at the state fair. Once we parked In red goat isle we all took a golf cart shuttle to the fair. We bought an armband that was 25$. Us kids each got one. The armband was like unlimited tickets up till 5:00. We did that cause the tickets were 1$ a piece. My favorite ride was a double Ferris wheel that was connected and as the spun them selves the whole thing spun. It was awesome. After five o clock we went to see the butter cow. Along with a butter Abraham Lincoln. We went to some farms after that. Finally we took a tram to a Lego exhibit by this really cool roller coaster called crazy mouse. Crazy mouse is a roller coaster when you sit in a half barrel and you spin around while your on a roller coaster. It was so fun. Although we couldn't ride again because the tickets were 5$ a piece. 

We went to the Lego exhibit. There were some Lego people made out of Legos they were the size of actual humans. There were also some little thing that you put a string on and rip then you hold and let go. Boom. Mom talked to the guy in charge and he said the Minnesota state fair would be going on and they'd be there. 

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By Mikayla Booth

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  1. Isabelle (I think that's Isabelle) looks like she's going to fall off the Ferris Wheel! Yikes!! Did I mention I don't like heights?? LOVE the picture of everyone as Lego people!