Sunday, August 18, 2013

Denver Rockies

     A few days ago, after driving for 5 hrs, we arrived at Joe and Tess's house. Their house has very nice archetecture. They have like a patio on there roof. They have two cats -  (one looks like moomoo, Daniel and Allison) otherwise he looks like a cow. His name is Jake. The other cat doesn't like cats. His name is Elwood. Me, Sam, and Isabelle sleep in the basement. Me and Isabelle on the couch and Sam on pillows on the floor. Mom and Dad slept in the cat free room.

     That night we went to a Rockies game. It stormed like crazy. As it was coming you could see the sheet of rain moving. All the people in the upper seats had to come down. We were stuck under the stairs for a good half an hour to an hour. Then Mom sent the men to get napkins sense our seats would be wet. When we went back to our seats there were two beautiful rainbows. Once we cleaned of our seats we watched the game. When we left the game the score was 2 all. The Rockies won the game though.

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  1. What's the picture of you guys on the floor? Playing with peanuts?

    1. During rain delay we played cards that Sam had. We were just eating the peanuts.