Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Windy City

Had a fantastic time in Chicago!  We left the RV in the truck marshalling yard behind McCormick Place (convention center), and stated in a hotel.  The first night we just swam in the pool and walked around Michigan Avenue and found dinner.

Thursday morning we walked to Navy Pier and caught the Water Taxi to the Field Museum.  We had planned to go to the aquarium, but the lines were awful!  We took pictures with Sue, the residing t-Rex and enjoyed a number of exhibits.  

Then we headed for the matinee Cubs game!

It was raining when we arrived, so we walked around and enjoyed several helping if south side tater tots!  The game started 2 hours late, but we loved watching the Cubs vs Nats!  

We left the game early and took the L back downtown.  We bought tickets for the river architecture tour.  
(Can't figure out how to turn this pic).  Mikayla enjoyed learning about the buildings (me too!).  It was actually very informative and interesting!

Next we headed to Navy Pier.  

The kids did another maze (not as fun as the mirror maze), but it had a fun game st the end called Time Freak.  I'm sure they will tell you more!

Then we rode the giant Ferris wheel, and had some ice cream.  A great finish to a busy day!

The next morning we woke up early to get to the She'd Aquarium before the long lines.  It was a definite hit!  We pet stingrays, saw the dolphin/beluga whale show, and saw lots of fish!

It is really a fantastic aquarium!  We spent several hours!

It so happened that my original boss at work was retiring from the Chicago office after 41 years, so we all stopped by the party!  Justin and the kids left to hit the pool, and I stayed to talk to some colleagues.

I got some Garrett's popcorn on the way back to the hotel, which we munched before heading out to the White Sox game.  It was Elvis night,  so it was fun seeing all the costumes!
Same even got a haircut at the ballpark!

That was our Chicago adventure!  Definitely need to go back for more fun!


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  1. Had a dream last night, that I met up with you on your last stop of the trip. Not sure where that was in my dream. I was walking up the road to meet you there and you were all sleeping in a tree house, which was really, really high up. Still don't know how you all got up there. Turns out that there actually was a nice house with beds you could have slept in, but you chose the tree house. You showed me the actual house, and you had brought Casey along, but this house was high up too, with a lot of stairs, and he was having trouble getting up the stairs. So, he turned into a man, and walked on 2 feet! Then you told me lamb was for dinner and I left. And that's what I remember. I think it means I miss you and I don't want lamb for dinner.