Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yesterday we drove for 4 hours. Finally we got to the camp ground. Once we set up we tried to go to the hallmark factory but it closed as we arrived. So instead we went to the Lego store. Everything was so expensive. We only got Sammy an advent calendar. From there we drove to some giant books. Then for Dinner we went to the best place ever. To order your food you pick up the phone and press a green button then tell them what you want. The waiter or waitress will drop of your drinks. Then a train with a box of food will drop it of at your table by: coming by went a lever above the platform will go down stoping the box. Then the platform will lower with your food on it. Finally you eat. After we went to the baseball game. There mascot is a lion thing. He came right up to us. After we went to a kids area. It was amazing. You bought tokens then did activities like a batting cage, a pitching mound, base running, t-ball, a carousel, and mini golf. There were fountains around there it was so much fun. Sadly we missed the thing they had for a president's race. 

BY: Mikayla Booth


  1. I would also like a train that drops off my food for my birthday. If it actually cooked the food AND cleaned up all the better...

  2. Me too! Isabelle says we should open this restaurant near our house.