Saturday, August 24, 2013


A few days ago we went to bear country. At first there were two attic wolves but you could hardly see them.
After we saw some rain deer. 

Then we saw a lot of big horned sheep, there was a baby one that kept on going over to the bucket of water. 

After them we saw rain deer. Except they were not flying. There were a lot in the shade and a few on there own. 

After we saw some mountain goat. They were really big and loved kinda like the bell ringer from the hunch back of Norte dame if you've seen that movie. 

Then finally we saw some bears. We were driving around in Bear Country with out seeing bears till now. All though there was only one. 

Then we saw a mountain lion. Still not a bear. At that point I was starting to wonder why they called it bear country instead of Zoo Drive Through. 

Then finally a big truck came by and started throwing food of the back of there truck (they work there). Then tons and tons of bears came out they were surrounding the car. It was kind of scary. 

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