Wednesday, August 7, 2013

City farm

2 days a go we went to a city museum and there were a lot of stuff to climb on.  There was also a ball pit.  It was really slippery in there.  The balls were big rubber balls about the size of our heads. About every three steps I took I fell on 10 other balls. I made a new friend named Abigail and in the ball pit one time I fell down. I made 5 balls fly up and Abigail caught one she said thanks. But than she got knocked down by a ball. Sam was shooting balls at my head on accident. He claims he was trying to hit Mikayla. But you still weren't supposed to do head shots. He always yelled he's head off when I accidentally hit him in the head. 
Something else we saw was Grants farm and there we got to feed goats! It was so fun. All you had to do was hold a bottle of milk and they would come right to you. Three of them tried to eat my dress! I almost stepped on some that were trying to eat my dress. 

                               By Isabelle 
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