Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bat Stats

Today this Family went to the Louisville Slugger Factory. When we got there we got to hold official baseball bats, I held David Ortiz's bat!

On the tour I learned that the players use 60 to 120 bat a season. Wow, I know. The kinds of bats we saw were: The Cane Bat, The longest bat allowed in Major League Baseball ( 42 inches long ), The pink Breast Cancer bat, and The 2012 Giant's World Series bat.  We sadly wen't allowed to take pics. in the factory. 

     We watched a man make a bat by hand. It takes him 30 minutes to finish. The machines make them in 30 seconds. When the bat is done it has funny looking knobs on both ends. Ryan Zimmerman has his bats made here. We watched a lady burn on the Louisville slugger logo on at 1300 degrees. There were 9 finishes and 40% choose black. After the knobs are removed and the bats are sanded they are hand dipped in shellac and are left to dry for 60 to 90 minutes. Overall I thought it was very fun and informational. 

BY: Mikayla Booth

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