Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Farming with MK

Yesterday we went to Grant's Farm. At Grant's Farm we went on a tram ride to get to the animals. On the tram ride we saw a few animals: Odays, Buffalo, Carianta, Long horns, Yaks, Highlander,  Anacoly Cow, Ostrich, Deer, and Elk. Once we got of we saw: Llama, Goat, Chickens, Ducks, Turtle, Iguana, Elephant, Flamingo, Crane, White Stork, Pony, Camels, Horse, Donkey, and Cavy which is like a Kangaroo. While we were there we got to see an animal show. In the show there was a Parrot on Roller Skates, a parasol and a macaw putting away rings, a different macaw doing math, an owl flying, rats racing on humans, and an eagle flying. 

BY: Mikayla Booth 

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