Saturday, August 24, 2013

Got cheese? I do

In Wisconsin we went to a cheese factory. It was just our family on the tour. A guy explained how you make cheese to us! There was also an ice cream company that worked with the cheese factory and they wanted the tour to talk about them. When he was done we got free ice cream samples. 

Than we were going out but on the wall on the way out had a poster of 36 kinds of cheese! 36 can you believe it! I didn't even know there were 36 kinds of cheese. I made up a song about. It goes like this"🎶36 kinds of cheese on the wall. 36 kinds of cheese take one down pass it to me. So I can eat all the cheese on the wall!😊 35 kinds of cheese on the wall... And so on. (Sing to the tune of 36 buckets of slime on the wall.) 

After that we drove to cheese store with a bar in it. I got a cheese head hat! We also tried some cheese like I got to try 5 year old cheddar cheese. It was so yummy. We got a cheese plate. Witch is a plate that you can try different kinds of cheese on. We tried fuge cheese. It was a slice of fuge with nuts and cheese bits in it. We got a few kinds of cheese and left. I loved all the cheese it was yummy and I loved Wisconsin. 

                             By Isabelle 
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