Friday, August 9, 2013

Sam's musing #4

At the Iowa state fair, I went on lots if rides. I liked the Peter Pan fun house. First you had to run through a spinny wheel, then there were two mirrors. If you put your arms out they were really skinny. If you put them up they were fat.  Then you went upstairs and downstairs that were moving, and a moving platform. 

I played a game where I had to hit a hammer and make it ring a bell. I won a big green blow horn.  

On the roller coaster, you went up and spun and went down on a turn and up fast, then swirl around.  You went around 3 times. I almost came our if my seat.

I went on the drop ride with Isabelle, it was fun.  We did it a few times.

We also did another fun house where you could spin and it had a platform that moved up and down and stairs that moved!  It also had spinny platforms, and crazy moving cushions.  You went down and walked forward and went in a big hamster wheel, and then there was a hill with spinning wheels before you went out.

Please leave comments. To be continued...

By Sam


  1. I assume you are playing your new green horn as loudly as possible in the RV? Right? :)