Friday, August 16, 2013

South Dakota- who knew?

South Dakota was amazing!  The landscape was just breath-taking.  I think my favorite thing if the whole trip so far was Custer State Park.  After seeing Rushmore and Crazy Horse we entered the park.  

Our first part was Needles Highway.    Glad I wasn't driving, as it was a very windy road (thank, hon) with drop offs on both sides!  We were both glad we didn't have the trailer!!!  But the scenery was beautiful!  Large rocks pushing up towards the sky, pretty natural rock tunnels, gorgeous vistas.  I really loved it.  

After all that, we started on the "wildlife loop",  we saw so many types of deer and elk along with prairie dogs, and after a whole- Buffalo!

They came right up to our car!  On the way home we caught a gorgeous sunset!

More on SD soon!


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