Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grand Canyon (aka the Big Hole in the ground)

Spent the day at Grans Canyon.  Thanks to Sam's fourth grade pass, all the parks are free for us! (  They made a big deal at the park entrance and told Sam he was the most important person in the park! We took in the intoductory movie and then did the 2.1 mile walk around part of the South rim.  So gorgeous.

We had lunch in the more than 100-year old hotel, and Sam got his junior ranger badge (and was upset it was plastic not metal!) 
 We even saw some wildlife before heading to the desert-view watchtower.

The views from the watch-tower were amazing!

There are also great vistas on the way back from that drive.

Of course the sunset is not to be missed.

 We did go back in the evening to see the enormous expanse of stars!  Tomorrow.. To Phoneix!







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