Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our trip, by the numbers (so far)

It only took a week to get the blog set up on my (Justin's) phone so far. Ok, technically 8 days. In that time we've driven 3200 miles, give or take a few. When pulling the trailer, we average about 6.5-7.1 miles to the gallon. I really, really try not to think about how much gas we will use when it's all said and done....but I take comfort that gas is at least $1 a gallon cheaper then the last big trip 3 years ago.

We have seen 49 of the 50 state license plates (and Montana, we *shall* find thee), plus DC, 3 Canadian provinces (Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario), and a Mexican plate (at least so we think). We were stuck on 47 for a while, but saw both Hawaii and Delaware within 3 blocks of each other on Grand Ave in San Diego...go figure. We've also seen 2 native American plates...didn't know they issued their own!

More in a bit...

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