Sunday, July 31, 2016

This nation is not flat!

So maybe in the middle (Kansas, Nebraska) but the rest is NOT!  OK to NM was fine, but another long day.  We made a quick stop at an RV repair place to get a new battery, as the fridge was not running while we were driving.  Really nice place, they had a 5-cent Coke machine that really worked (and they even gave you the 5-cents!), and a nice AC-d lounge to wait in.  About 90 minutes and back on the road.

On the way through Texas we made a gas stop at a town that has the art-deco Conico sign from the movie cars!  It's asp part of old Rte 66! We had to stop in and get some photos.

What luck for a random stop!  We finally got to Albuquerque and spent the night, ready to leave the next morning for Grand Canyon!


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